Pilates Instructor

In 2011, my mum suffered a back injury, and her GP advised her to take up Pilates. We attended our first class together, and I was immediately hooked.

I had previously practised a lot of yoga, and expected the two classes to be similar. How wrong I was!

After each session, I saw my mum's pain reduce and her mobility improve. I also felt the benefits myself.

I particularly love the controlled, flowing movements that focus on your posture and alignment, and the challenge of improving your core strength and stamina.

That probably explains why my favourite exercise to practice and teach is the Hundred series!

I began training with Body Control Pilates in 2014, and qualified the following year. Since then, I have completed my Intermediate Matwork qualification and am working towards Reformer training in 2016.

Holly says: “I have a passion for Pilates!”