Pilates Instructor

I suffered years of back pain as a result of a structural scoliosis, and felt the benefit of Pilates as soon as I started going to classes.

I love the series of five Powerhouse exercises, as they challenge strength and stamina and incorporate all the Pilates principles. They are the key exercises that helped build my abdominal strength and stabilise my spine.

After being an auditor in retail operations for more than 20 years, I made a total career change and qualified as a Body Control Pilates teacher. It was a natural progression as my interest in Pilates grew.

I am now qualified to teach Intermediate Matwork, antenatal Pilates, postnatal Pilates, and Pilates for bone health (osteoporosis). I plan to complete my level 4 qualification in 2016, equivalent to achieving a foundation degree in Pilates.

In my spare time – if I have any – I go walking, work out at the gym, watch motorsport, and read (usually about the potential of the human body).

Julie says: "The great thing about Pilates is that there is always something new to learn and challenge you – never stand still!"