Pilates Instructor

I am a complete Alderley Pilates convert!

I started Pilates in 2010 in Peter’s beginners class. I discovered it really suited me and my lifestyle, and gave me the results I was looking for.

Such was my passion for this newfound exercise that I qualified as a teacher in Body Control Matwork in 2012. In 2015, I passed my Advanced Matwork exam, and am now a Master Matwork instructor. In 2016, I qualified to teach clients on the Reformer machine.

I’m also a Supervising Teacher for Matwork, which means I work with student teachers before they qualify.

Pilates has made me fitter, stronger and more toned. I enjoy the physical challenge of the Classic Mat. I am particularly interested in the Spine Corrector, and the mechanics of how Pilates can benefit the game of golf.

I love how Pilates gives me time to relax; a little bit of 'me time'. Hopefully, I pass that passion and enthusiasm on to clients.

Louise says: "We are a great team at Alderley Pilates. We all help and encourage each other."