Pilates Instructor

I was 14 when my ballet teacher, Graciela Kaplan (former Theatre Principal of Northern Ballet), recommended Pilates to strengthen my hyper-mobile body.

I always encourage young dancers to understand their own body so it can function in the best possible way.

To prevent and rehabilitate injuries, Pilates featured throughout my training at the Rambert School and subsequent dance career. I enjoyed developing a deep awareness of my body alongside the strengthening benefits, and noticed that physiotherapists would give me similar exercises.

In 2012, I was in a car accident and sustained a fracture to my lower spine. Once again, I focused on Pilates for my own rehabilitation. During that time, I realised that Pilates is 'the glue that holds me together', so I trained as a Body Control Pilates teacher.

My favourite bit of Pilates kit is the Ladder Barrel. I love the feeling of getting a complete body workout with just a mat, and still get giddy doing leg circles on the Reformer.

Lyndsey says: “Pilates is a wonderful tool that should be shared by everyone!”